Mask the hidden, Create a face

We wear a mask to create a new canvas or cloak our own identity and possibly provoke fear. What do masks do? They hide our faces, but create a blank new canvas for us to gawk at and gaze into this endless idea of who is behind the apparatus. To question ones identity allowing the audience to fear and or praise the trend setter or threat.

Most of these masks range from ski masks, to a cloth over our face, or the most "High Fashion" is Margiela masks, Which is a mask the completely covers the face, showing no human resemblance. It's really quite beautiful. 
This clothing option ranges from the well known and feared idealistic image of a robber or mugger, wearing the typical ski mask, and all the way to Margiela masks.

Even if masks are usually associated with robberies, Imagine wearing a beautiful dress, or structured suite and a ski mask over your head, it's so whimsical. Almost eerie. It's unexpected.
There dirt cheap. You can get a beanie at a 99 cent store, and cut the eyes out of it. Then Oh, Embellish it with jewels. or paint on it, or cut a cool design out of it.

It’s a philosophy of life. A practice. If you do this, something will change, what will change is that you will change, your life will change, and if you can change you, you can perhaps change the world.
— Vivienne Westwood

Other decorative ideas are...

-Paint the whole mask with gold paint, and around the eyes, nose and mouth holes, paint black.

-Sew plastic flowers all over it.

-Glue googly eyes all over.

-Add extra fabric to make it more of a face cover, like the second photo in this article.

-Sew zippers all over it, and it's up to you if you want them to open or not.

-For something more "punk" Put patches every where.

-Have a plain colored mask but over the mouth, eyes, and nose hole, sew lace or tool over it, to make you look bee or fly like.

-You can sew hair extensions on it, making you look absolutely absurd...(that's good!)

Like Jeans you can wear a Mask with anything. What ever your style may be, what ever face you may be born with, you can try it. It's usually seen in more Avant Garde, Club kid type fashion, but that does not stop the eccentric trend setter to start the ball rolling. If you find your self having trouble wearing this clothing item, Only wear it to party's or events. It's completely understandable if your walking down the street and you are wearing a mask, a cop or higher authority may dislike the way you look, because it does look threatening and a tad off putting. They cant see your face thus making it unsettling, so if someone advises you to take it off, I suggest listening. 

I would wear this mask any day, it's grotesque and punk. Two of my adored category's.