Furne One's "Victorian Age Geishas" LAFW 2014

Of all the days my camera would die on me it had to be this day. THIS DAY. 

My last day at Style Fashion Week was for Furne One. Filipino Dubai based couturier, I saw Furne One's collection for the first time last season "Angels and Demons" which I posted on the blog. Love. at. first. sight.

For his latest collection "Victorian Age Geishas" was no less than beyond amazing. Literally took my breath away- the theatricality of the show, the craftsmanship of the clothes, it took me to another place.

Fashion reporters have been dubbing Furne's collection as "Harajuku Girl meets Marie Antoinette", but I feel this takes place more into the future than the past. The clean lines and galactic cone head coiffures catapults my imagination into Japan in the year 4000.

Alas, the collection was too wonderful for my tired camera and dropped dead right in the middle of the show! So here are the pics that I did capture, but if you want to see more please, actually you MUST check the rest out here!