AHCAHCUM MUCHACHA: The creepy cute fashion designer of my dreams

 Masako Shinya, Ahcahcum Muchacha Designer

Masako Shinya, Ahcahcum Muchacha Designer

A fine line between creepy and elegant, childish and ladylike, so many contradictions that just work for Ahcahcum.

I first saw glimpses into AHCAHCUM (ah-ka-koom) MUCHACHA on one of my favourite shows Kawaii International. Her designs are insanely creepy. Gives me the creepy crawlies and the giggles at the same time.

Below are my favourite pieces from her, but there is so much more she creates! She sells online through various websites and you can even buy some of her wares on ebayHere is the list of website to know where you can buy her newer stuff.