A Dandy man can: a style dichotomy



BEFORE you read this article I highly suggest playing this song, then continue on with reading about the wonderful ins and outs of being a Dandy.


Suits and ties are usually thought of as appropriate attire for the snooty, "you have to look your best" get togethers. But fashion really is for everyone, and not just women. 

A sharp mind, with a sharp suit.

The desire and longing to look fancy, well kept, and proper. I really want to point out that yes someone can be well dressed, but to be a Dandy, good manners should follow your elegant attire.    

"Sometimes, if you wear suits for too long it, it changes your ideology."

MONEY DOES NOT MEAN DANDY, It's means the ability to keep yourself together, with what ever you may have. SURE, Go out and buy a Prada suit. You can also go into your fathers closet, get an old suit from him, and paint on your own pattern of choice, add an old broach to a breast pocket, and your fine. 

One man I have adored for quite some time is, Patrick McDonald.

Dandyism has been a passionately debated topic since it’s beginning in late 18th century England and France. Today, the question, “What is a dandy?” has no simple answer, and I do not claim to have the last word. Rather, this is a very personal exploration of dandyism - in it’s “infinite variety” - through the gentlemen I have had the pleasure of meeting.
— The Dandy Portraits

Believe it or not, Willy Wonka, From Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, is a dandy, And now that I think about it, he is quite wonderful, and well dressed, and besides his quirkiness, he it's pretty well mannered.

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No matter who you are, You can wear a suit!