Sav Noir A/W '17

Continuing with his love affair of broodiness and sinister aesthetics, designer Edwin Haynes presented his latest collection at LAFW. Classic elements referencing Punk, Fetish, and Rock n Roll styles were interspersed throughout the collection. The standouts were the liquid latex pieces that would have any Fetish enthusiasts swoon with bated breath. Check out the rest of the collection below and the behind the scenes moments before the show started!

Kimono as Traditional Clothing in Japan?

When we think of Japan and the words “traditional clothing”, the first thing that comes to mind is kimono. Beautiful, embroidered clothing that influences many fashion trends and Western accessories, the kimono is worn in Japan to this day for special ceremonies. Dubbing the kimono as “traditional wear” in Japan is a misguided notion, especially from an outsider's perspective. Kimono’s were introduced in recent history and made by people who migrated to Japan. Japan has layers of diversity, even when it seems like a homogeneous country. Not only are there minorities, but there are also natives like the Ainu people. Because of human migration throughout history, certain populations overtake the image of an area. Thus, national holidays, diet, and clothing don't always represent the full spectrum of cultural diversity. Luckily, people in Japan are more aware and willing to revive some parts of history that tell a more accurate story of how Japan came to be. When countries like Japan and the United States take an honest look into their history, they redefine the representation of their respective country and end up with a story that has justice in its accuracy.

Our best street snaps from Los Angeles Fashion Week

Los Angeles Fashion Week beckons an eclectic range of LA style tribes to gather for a week of sartorial celebration. One of our favourite fashion show producers, LAFW plays hosts to the some of the most stylish Angelenos and out-of-towners around, as well as showcase the latest LA designer talents. The funnest part about attending Los Angeles Fashion Week is seeing what get-ups everyone will be sporting and seeing the different styles collide for 5 days. See our favourites below in the slideshow of who stood out! 

Street Style Snaps From LAFW - Hardeman

Not only was it a fun and a great experience to see the new collections that are showcased during LA Fashion Week, but those who attend are a joy for us here at Reflekt. We love to spot them, talk to them and take their picture. Here are some street snaps taken while Hardemen's was on the runway.