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Through the eyes of the video guy- "The Making of Proper"
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The Making of Proper 

The first shoot we did for Issue º10 was with our muse Quinn Salazar. I remember it because we did it at his artist loft at Art Share LA and I lost all of the footage I shot that day :( . At least the rest of the shoots went well and I got a lot of beautiful footage.

Issue º10 Cover Shoot. We shot Reflekt Muses Quinn and Candice at Civic Center Studios in Downtown LA. We had this great tasting lemonade, I drank most of it (don’t judge me). Civic Center Studios is an awesome place to shoot. They have dressing rooms!

“Colonial Remix” This is my favorite shoot we did for Issue º10. We started at 9am and shot at The LA Fort in Downtown LA. We had a lot of people that day, 3 models, Reflekt photographer Steph, the designer for some of the outfits, our editor Camay, Reflekt sales rep Jacob, and myself. Downtown LA made the perfect set for this shoot, lots of curious eyes trying to sneak a peak. 
Candice Molayem Muse Shoot. We shot at Candice’s home in Century City. Soon as we entered her place it was like traveling back in time. Lots of beautiful and striking colors, designs and art. There was one point where we attempted to crammed 5 people, lights and camera equipment into her bathroom. Reflekt photographer Jasmyne, Camay and Jacob hopped into the bathtub. Camay held this big light until her arms got tired and Jacob had to take over. Good times..

“Bad Girls Do it Well” Shot this one in Little Tokyo in Downtown LA. Lots of curious eyes once again, I even heard a bystander say “Oh she’s one of those Japanese girls, you know, the ones that dress up and stuff”. Our model was Filipino though.

“Style is Ageless” We shot this one at my moms home in Compton, CA with Norris x Thrash and my 94 year old great aunt Cutie. The outside shoot was my favorite, but I didn’t bring an extra battery and my camera died so I missed most of it. You would think I would know better by now…

“7 Weird Etiquette” I wasn’t here for this shoot. Camay shot the footage. She did a good job, I was proud!

Issue º10 Teaser 

BTS of Issue º10
Peace and Love
-The Video Guy
Through the eyes of the video guy- "The Vision"
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"The Vision"

We had just graduated from Art college and it was time to enter the "real" world, but instead of settling for the world given to us we decided to create our own.

In June 2011 I sat down with our editor and chief Camay Villanueva to interview her for an art video and during that interview we began to talk about her new project. After the art video was done I showed it to her and she asked if I would be interested in shooting behind the scenes footage for Reflekt and the rest is history.


Peace and Love 
-The Video Guy

Poetic Justice

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snapped in the depths of a Venice Beach house party hosted by Rebelle x Noire. Dashing party goer in black and khaki decided the best place to take a picture was in this lavish shower.

Secrets of Salvation Mountain Part 2
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Secret 1: Although this shoot is for the Fall Issue it was 90º degree weather! Model Asma was a trooper though wearing the all black wardrobe in the desert heat.

Secrets 2: Due to weather our Editor-in-Chief had the glamourous job of being the sweat girl. Whenever Asma started looking sweaty or needed water, Camay was the go-to for hydration.

Secret 3: All clothes were made exclusively for this shoot by Reflekt Muse Andy Ovando! Thanks Andy!

Secrets of Salvation Mountain Part 1
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We were whisked away deep in the California desert and came upon a colorful mirage that was built solely on love. We happened to have a camera, photographer model and an assortments of clothes and decided to make an epic photo shoot!

Our Story:
"The jewel of the desert yearned for a Being to look over it in the harsh climate. Then beholds a stark contrast to the mountain's colorful nature, a dark desert witch resides over the mountain. Whilst in appearance she looks ominous in her full black regalia her heart goes out to the lonely mountain and she roams its lovely hills forever protecting its beauty."

This was our concept for the shoot and came out fantastically! Check out the BTS pics below!

Fave Model: Frenchy for Issue º11 SPIRIT
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Favourite curvy model Frenchy poses for her latest shoot with us for Issue º11 SPIRIT. The shoot is horror movie inspired makeup from The Grudge to Pin Head from Hell Raiser. We love her sweet personality, big hair, and gorgeous face! See more of her in Issue º8 DISTINCT as well!

We're dripping for Dripped '14
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Best place to be during LA Fashion Week is this underground fashion fest in Chinatown. Dripped is one of the weirdest fashion events to go to in L.A. The streets literally become a catwalk for anonymous beings to transform into avante-couture gods and goddessess. If you love the movie or book Party Monster then you must come to fest. Part open air bazarre of bizarre clothes made by independent designers and half club night to dance the night away in your new threads. Rub elbows with internet celebs and a hot spot for throwing shade and praising some bitch how ill she/he looks.

It's the utmost glam in the most backwards and delicious of ways. Los Angeles may not be one of the fashion capitals of the world but crawl into the underbelly of this red carpet city and you will see a whole different side to its citizens.

 Collection preview for L.O Class Art. The level of craftmanship in designer Eileen's clothes is top notch. Could definitely see this in London Fashion Week.

Another L.O Class creation. Hand painted. Love it.

IG it girl Alaska Mangialetto in front of her brand Jacked Fashion and her latest iridescent delights.

t.v art installation at Devo Wevo.

gawgeous model in Devo Wevo.

Awesome designer Devani Rae left with her model and installation. Check out the rest of Devani's work and cool style at www.identitychrist.com

Awesome men's brand Drones created by army veteran Shay Collins and graphic designer Zuks Warren to make dark, mysterious and understated cool clothes. 

incidentally snapped Skingraft designer and Angeleno Johnny Cota (far left) with pals.

His jewels are too die for.