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Toit Volant LAFW presenation: The cool face of sustainable fashion
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Toit Volant is a brand after my own heart. Made in the USA, affordable prices, sustainable approaches to textiles and manufacturing plus it has a really cool offbeat street aesthetic that any stylish person would go crazy over. Honored to have had Reflekt seen the craziness of the LAFW presentation. People rushing past with cameras stuck to their faces and phones glued to their hands capturing every little quirky detail of Toit Volant's collection

Michael Sta.Maria: Nurse by day couturier by night
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Helloooo Nurse! I was flabbergasted to discover that these beautiful dresses fit for an evil queen were designed by someone who didn't start out as a fashion designer but a nurse. A good one at that, but an even better couturier.

Filipino nursing professor Michael Sta. Maria is now one of the emerging fashion designers of his country and is receiving international recognition, most recently representing the Philippines at The Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a successful show in Scotland Fashion Showcase, United Kingdom; last November 2015.             Sta. Maria, 28, manages his own atelier in his home province north of Manila designing sophisticated gowns for celebrities including Miss World Philippines 2014. His work encompasses bridal, luxe wear, red carpet, evening and debut.            Following a near fatal accident two years ago, Michael spent his long convalescence creatively, concentrating on his passion for fashion design.  After years in a successful nursing career, as a National licensing exam lecturer and textbook author, he took courses at The Fashion Institute of the Philippines and is now a member of the prestigious Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines. His range is diverse, from goth to gala, but the clothing is always intriguing, exquisite and meticulously crafted. 
We're usually not the type to ooh and ahh over couture, although we immensely appreciate the craftsmanship. And we especially don't like red carpet gowns, but Michael Sta.Maria's collection was immaculate in quality, and it had a really cool style. More edgy. Like something Helena Bonham Carter might wear like the photos below:

We love people who pursue their dreams in the face of adversity and this collection proves that. Brilliance on the hospital floor as well as the catwalk, great job Michael!

Call for Submission!
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We love our readers and know you guys are super creative and have your own offbeat ideas about fashion. We WANT TO HEAR THEM! Submit your amazing work to and in the subject line write what you're submitting. (Example: "article", "photos" "editorial" to name a few)

Here's what we're looking for, for the next issue:

Issue º14 SEX:
Keywords: sexy style, gender identity, gender fluidity, androgyny, gender bending, cross dressing, feminine style, masculine style, pinup, lingerie, suits, dandy, sex, fetish, bdsm, latex, modesty, hijab, slutty fashion, tomboys, lady boys, erogenous zones, pleasure.

Photography requirements:

  • Must be in .jpeg, .tiff, .pdf format
  • CMYK color profile
  • 300 dpi 
  • PLEASE send photos via or
  • Photos maybe accompanied with an article of our choice. We will notify you if that occurs.

Illustration Requirements:
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  • Illustrations maybe accompanied with an article of our choice. We will notify you if that occurs.
Article requirements:

  • Send us a paragraph (5 sentences) summarizing what the article is about or a paragraph of the article to be considered.
  • Must be all spell checked and grammatically correct or it will be rejected
  • Add title of article, your name, and website/blog if you have one
  • 700 word limit (once considered)
If you have any questions please email us at!Can't wait to see the creativity that you will bring to the Reflekt community.

The Twilight Zone Music Video Premiere by The Uhuruverse and Jupiter Black
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Watch Video Here:

Journey into the divine Herstory presented in The Twilight Zone music video by the artist formerly known as The Uhuraverse and Jupiter Black. This piece smoldered into existence after a series of local shows that threw these two powerhouses onto the same lineups. They naturally joined forces when they found their creative trajectories to be very similar.

The Artists

Uhuru is a performance artist who first rapped with S.W.P.(Snatches With Power), formed from a self-proclaimed women's liberationist art collective called #SnatchPower, while Jupiter Black’s musical entourage #CVLT Collect is equally dedicated to undermining the mainstream through “alternative hip hop work(s) of art.” Together, they offer up The Twilight Zone as the first release in a string of collaborative and solo recordings by The Uhuruverse.  As an integral part of the LA underground fashion landscape and feminist circles, Uhuru hopes to present an empowering message with a fashion editorial twist while “transitioning out of the closet from burlesque Butoh dance, to music.”

The Lyrics

This song employs the tropes of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone as a metaphor for the cocoon-like support of the POC and queer artist community in Los Angeles. Much like the suspenseful Science Fiction of the Twilight Zone, you are asked to suspend your disbelief and enter an intergalactic space of Afrofuturistic power. A space where you can go against the grain and love the disenfranchised as if they were the center of the universe. The Uhuruverse’s lyrics paint this picture with:

Don't worry about getting in my jeans/’Cause being a deity is in my genes/Yeah get on your fucking knees and pray to me/I am worthy

In large cities like Los Angeles, there are enough like-minded individuals hosting spaces for the betterment and adoration of our inner goddess, the rest of America, however, must proceed into these non-patriarchal spaces through the power of  imagination as if they were indeed in another dimension. Therein lies the brilliance and utility of the pop reference. Jupiter Black’s soliloquy affirms that the message of goddesshood is the good word. But the message is heard through reverence, not through force. It is in that ecosystem that feminist Afrocentricity has a place to pupate and emerge.

The Visuals

GlamChop’s neon set creates contrast between its fantastic atmosphere and a different kind of twilight crawl in the grey city, where an entourage walk in celebration of The Uhuruverse in a more relatable and human expression. This Juxtaposition provides insight into the similarities between these two night worlds. While one image is grounded and the other out-of-sight, they are both informed by the power and existence of a free spirited character. That is the essence of The Uhuruverse namesake. It's a combination of Uhuru, the Swahili word for freedom, and the universe. GlamChop’s nebulous patchwork of shimmers and shapes facilitate Uhuru’s embodiment of a deity figure by representing a metaphysical place where our minds can go to make contact with such archetypes and free spirited characters. Uhuru’s portrayal is almost regal in a makeshift underpropper and netted ruff, where punk meets queen of the cosmos in a pointy bra by L.O. Class Art and UV reactive skirt by GlamChop. On the other hand, it was important to Uhuru as director of this project to feature “a more realistic Afro-punk perspective of the city, rather than a glamorized one.” GlamChop’s ecstatic portrayal of The Uhuruverse on its own might only confirm the pre-existing views of a select few, but to bring the video out on the street is to suggest that this empowered thinking is being nurtured in even the most desperate environments.

Produced by GlamChop and SnatchPower

Directed by The Uhuruverse

DOP Sasha Gransjean

Edited by  Sasha Gransjean and Jupiter Black

Wardrobe/MUA Fenex Lopez and Gaylord Fiend

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London stylist and Reflekt contributor Olivia Loeke Keelor rants about the faded allure of black and how she's bringing colour back in vogue.
Fashion is an ice cream dream melting away at the seams. The reason being it’s all sold out of everyone’s favorite colour way which is: BLACK. A long long time ago I can still remember when black use to make me smile. When is was sleek, daring, sophisticated and actually fucking SEXY . Instead now it’s a faded safe regimented uniform for the supposed IN (fashion) crowd. With an exclusive attitude, that’s wearing thin. You can say what you want but it wont change my mind, and I know y’all reading have the same feels. Go to any fashion event (not advocated), anywhere in the world and you will see an army of head to tote noir crusaders. This is shocking, considering fashion is a peacocking sport. Birthed by self expressism to show one’s self off. And lets take off the oversized sunglasses, the sequins are getting shiner and the platforms are getting higher. With no sign of stopping, fashion is more accessible than it’s EVER been. So why aren’t all these avid fans following co-ord? Fashion is meant to be a form of breaking society’s rules and having fun. It’s not to be followed as a cop out to blend in. I know it can be daunting but for fuck sake you supposedly love and adore fashion fashion fashion fashion. So why haven’t these shaded lovers broken ranks and waved their rare branded scarf high?. No doubt the answer is that safety above all still sells. Why break the mold when the mold works?. I’ll tell you why because the mold is there to be broken! Fashion I repeat fashion is not safe. It’s not meant to keep you warm, it’s not meant to keep you covered. But then again you have to love the black sea, after all it’s cleansing. But will it dry up?
Sav Noir LAFW presentation: "I'm with the band" by Ahlam Nuur
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Think sheer, leather, fur mixed with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe, take it back to the 70’s, bring it forth to today's times, you’ll have Sav Noir.

There’s an element of nostalgia in this collection, muted hues with the swag of nonchalant coolness. It’s a redo of classics, flared trousers paired with leather. How about middle parted messy locks or the famous fringe also known as “bangs” harmonizing with an oversized sunglass (smoky eye shadow or the liner from last night in true “who gives a sh!t” spirit) round or square to add a dash of diva to any look.

What I loved about the show was the laid back ambiance in comparison to all the fuss surrounding the previous shows. It seemed I was apart of a cool club, private access to the loft in the heart of DTLA, in house brunch, friendly staff and lively models. Shared a few words with Edwin, the mastermind behind the pieces. Inspired by the movements of that era, his collection gives voice to power and freedom adding fluidity from the music to bring lightness to his solid choice of colors and cuts.

There was no announcement to commence the show, the models strutted out onto the stage where there were instruments already in place almost seeming as though they were band members ready to rock out on stage. There was a total of five looks each carrying a unique element in keeping with the inspiration. The models where a diverse group of people too, didn’t know if this was intentional, as fashion from the 70’s was a worldwide craze, which spoke the essence of breaking down the rigidity of fashion (and boundaries) allowing a multitude of cultures to express their own version of rock’n’roll. Goes to show how far reaching the styles born during that decade have swept the world. Almost everyone can attest to seeing a picture of their parents sporting flared trousers with wide vintage shades.

I loved the different textures of fabrics, looks, from the fro, to the silky bob, to the hint of animal print, making it quintessentially 70’s chic. Edwin’s styles are uniquely intended to break the molds of modern fashion, taking us all back in style with his recent collection.

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Esther Perbandt Solanum W 2016/2017 LAFW show
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Esther Perbandt is a Berlin designer French trained with a Berlin rebel mind. So honored to have Reflekt witness her artfully structured tailoring. Don't want to say it was a "menswear-inspired" collection so I'm gonna say it was a collection of formerly labelled masculine associated pieces wonderfully worn by both genders. Everything was gorgeous and different. Honored to have had Berlin invade LA for a day. 

Photos by Ahlam Nuur

Esther Perbdant, the designer herself (left) with her gal pal VERUSCHKA. If you don't know who she is, you're missing out! Google her greatness.