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Style tribes born on the internet
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To celebrate the internet's 25th birthday here is an article from Reflekt Issue º7 about the first style tribes born on the internet. Enjoy!

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Walking on Melrose Avenue in sunny LA, it’s interesting to see the amalgamation of fashions that saunter through the dirty pavements. Back in the 80's Melrose Avenue was the epitome of LA street fashion, where punks and new wavers were inspiring designers the world over with their disheveled and innovative styling. The idea of street fashion is an allusive idea that all designers have turned to for inspiration at one point or another.

Picture it as a kind of sartorial wild wild west of style, The most classic (and when I mean classic I mean timeless as in it will forever be in la mode) like Punk, Lolita and Rocker, were created on dirty sidewalks by juvenile delinquents and bored outcasts. Everyone is fascinated with street fashion-from the self proclaimed 'fashionista' to the unaware bystander, are affected by its mysterious charms and unexplained comings and goings.

In the 90's we got the gift of the internet where now street fashion looks we love to delve into are only a click and 'like' away. A new generation can delve and devour street fashion without actually going onto the street. We have sites like Tumblr,, and Instagram that quench our thirst for our fashion voyeurism. We have endless streets to gawk and gander at everyone's style from all over the world and of course like any fashion conscious street, styles have been born. We have narrowed it down to five internet style tribes that we love:

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The first internet style species would be
 The Street Style Photographers. Easing from newspaper and print publications to the internet was an easy and obvious step. With the likes of
Tommy Ton, The Sartorialist and of course the most adorable and discerning eye on what's cool, Bill Cunningham. Before ,these street style photographers were anonymous observers of the candid stylish pedestrian, And now they have come out from behind the lens and shown their own sartorial prowess.
Just look at any pics from what is now called
'The Fashion Circus' or 'Fashion Peacocks'
outside of Fashion Week tents.
Either wearing the loudest up to date
fashions, more functional chic garb, or the
 photographer uniform of monochrome black and sensible shoes, and of course the best accessory-
their camera.

The second to come out of the cyber sidewalk would be Fashion Bloggers. At first only fashion geeks and bored teens would foray into the blogging world, but now fashion bloggers have become a crazy force to be reckoned with as brands, designers, and magazines gladly follow behind their epic influence. There are many types of fashion bloggers out there from the annoyingly snooty (who are just out for freebies, wearing boring outfits that you have seen hundreds of times on hundreds of other blogs) to the glorious and inspiring individuals who truly love fashion, show obscure designers, and their own eccentric personal style. Some that come to mind are Style Bubble, Tavi Gevinson (Style Rookie), Misha Janette and Bryan Boy. We would follow behind the click of their heels any day!

One of the first prominent internet style tribes we discovered, Pastel Grunge was popularized by the likes of Audrey Kitching, Andi Autumn and any other internet fashion star with an allegorical first and last name. Very close to the Kawaii Goth style tribe, but more casual and well, grunge. Its hair like distinction from Kawaii Goths would be the spikey bedazzlement, tyedye, nineties imagery like happy faces and aliens, mixed with laidback beachy styles such as over sized t-shirts, and denim vests or shorts. Born on Tumblr with no known origin and no connection with its 90's flannel wearing big brother. We feel Pastel Grunge is forming into more of a style tribe than a trend with the emergence of lifestyle photos popping onto Tumblr, such as food porn of pizza and donuts, odd mean-girl psycho quotes like "Log on Loser, were blogging" and "You're so cute when your not breathing" in pastel goo font,  Lisa Frank cloudy backgrounds, and fluffy kitties with lazer beams coming out of its eyes. Yup, not sure how Kurt Cobain would feel about this pastel powdered teen spirit, but we love it.

Ridiculously similar to the Pastel Grunge style tribe but distinguished by its pastel colored form of goth mixed with Kawaii aesthetics, eyeballs, goo, bows, crosses, flowers and its very watered down gothic nature. Actually it doesn't really have any ties with the Gothic subculture (we mean subculture has it has its own formed lifestyle and culture), born out of the Tumblr community with no known origin. The only similarities would be the excessive amounts of black worn, Christian/Satanic references, skeletal imagery and S&M penchant for leather garters. The style tribe leaders of the Kawaii Goths would be Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Juria Nakagawa, Eva Cheung, and
 Ruby Gloom. They are slowly phasing out of being just a trend to more of a style tribe, adapting some of the Japanese Kawaii lifestyle and its fraternal twin brother Pastel Grunge.

Rihanna as well as the newly transformed Miley Cyrus are the style tribe leaders of the Racthet/Swag style. When you think of both of these girls together what is the phrase that pops up in your mind. “Good girls gone bad”.  It is a combination between edgy hip hop style and femininity seamlessly by combining thick gold chains, snap back hats, crop tops, and baggy pants. This is one of those styles that originated in the 90’s where it was the year of street hip hop greats like Tupac, Biggie, N.W.A, and etc. Also it was the year where woman started dressing like these hip hop greats which added a tomboy touch to our feminist style. This style also introduced the not caring/ or giving a f*** what other people think. Now in modern day this timeless style has resurrected through mainly the internet and Instagram. Many people on Tumblr and Instagram uniquely changed the style by adding the urban updated swag to this classic look. Currently this style is updated with: cute jersey inspired clothing, big bulky gold jewelry, personalized beanies, and retro shoes.
Editorial: The Day After
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The inspiration was Brit Wacher’s style where she explores femininity in her designs and with a throwback to the 90's or 80's so that is why we shot at the motel. 

We were quite taken with Brit Wacher's latest F/W 16 collection "Hello Mary Merula" realized in this visual story. It's moody, impulsive, and sophisticated. All the things we like. 

We also loved the philosophy behind the the Brit Wacher brand:
Our aim is to allow the individual to step out from of the day-to-day features of regimented social gestures and interactions, by offering a token of feminine individuality, strength and confidence for each wearer. Subverting a type of formal language that is traditionally associated  armours or uniforms, our creations seek to open a space for individual language and personal empowerment through fantasy and a sense of the sublime.

Team & Styling Credit
Photographer - Dominic Chan
Designer - Brittany Wacher
Fashion Stylist - Frank Wang
Makeup Artist - Chuan Shih
Hair Stylist - Chantelle Hodgson
Models - Taylor & Camryn, Lizbell Agency

Perfect Smile

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I remember entering junior high and witnessing a majority of my classmates all wearing a socially acceptable grill on their teeth to achieve the most perfect straight smile. Although braces can be beneficial to dental health, and and fixing disorders of jaw joints, a majority of people get them to achieve straighter teeth for a more appealing look. Even though my overbite did not cause me too much trouble, growing up I begged for braces. I was a late bloomer, and did not receive my braces until my senior year of high school, up until the end of my freshman year. I wanted that perfect smile, which to me is having all my teeth straight and aligned properly. During those two years I struggled with my braces by telling myself everyday my jagged teeth will be no more, and I will be more appealing. This is in California, Los Angeles. Where many people like myself deal with issues such as not wanting a crooked smile, or having a gap between our front teeth. Half way across the sea, we get a country, where a crooked smile is actually embraced, and people spend the big bucks to even make their teeth crooked.

Yaeba, translated into "double tooth", is a look that women are paying big bucks to attract Japanese men. This look gives a gal some fangs, and misshapen teeth. Blogger Michelle Phan, has even stated that in a culture like Japan, they are more pleased with more authentic looks, than perfection. Others have stated that the crooked teeth phenomenon makes a woman look cute, almost childlike which brings out youthfulness. Men also find women with crooked teeth more approachable than a woman with a straight smile. 

Across another ocean we hit the biggest continent, and the source of where all humans probably started off at - Africa. I find gaps in teeth so exotic, and makes a person simply stand out. The french refer to gap's in the front of your teeth as 'dents du bonheur', lucky teeth. In 2010, the french media stated that gapped teeth were more fashionable than ever. In Nigeria, gap teeth are a sign of beauty, luck, and sex appeal. It is considered extremely attractive, and a trait that is seen as exotic and a sign of wisdom, and history.  Countries like France, and Africa embrace the unique qualities that our genetic traits have blessed us with, and does not consider it a flaw to be corrected. Diastema -  or the proper term to refer to having a gap in between your front teeth, is very common among the mammal kingdom. 

Back 2 School Fave's
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It is time to say goodbye, and goodbyes are always the hardest things to do. Goodbye, Summervacation, for you will be missed of the endless amounts of swimming, vacations, and the stress free life of not having to worry about homework and finals. Although, all good things must come to an end, the best are yet to come, like back to school shopping! (My favorite time of the year to ball out)  This year let us kick ass, in our grades, and our style as we rock this new school year in some bad azzzz style.

Back to school shopping can be stressful, and the mall becomes a hell hole with everyone going shopping for their new outfits. Hopefully, here at Reflekt we have your back. Here is a list of some of my favorites for this school year.  Tell us down below what are some of your back to school shopping favorites?

Xoxo, Lex

Teva - Jhene Aiko flatform Sandal (70)

My love for platform sandals, and platform things are so unreal. As a short gal, I feel so powerful with just a couple of inches added to my height. Lately, I have been searching for comfortable, yet cute sandals that will give me some height without making me feel any discomfort. To my surprise, Dad sandals became cute recently. Teva, the originators of the sandals that you see older men wearing teamed up with some amazing artists, like Jhene, the R&b Goddess. Her designs are very bohemian and SUPER comfortable. No wonder why Dads loved these bad boys! Put your birkenstocks away, because these are a game changer. 

Yinka Creepers - Public Desire (38)

T.U.K'S will always be notorious when it comes to creeper shoes, but Puma made an approach to creeper shoes with an edge. Rihanna's creepers are very hard to obtain, on top of that it is in the hundreds for a pair of her collection. So the struggle is real, nevertheless, you can obtain the look, just without the brand name, and it looks SUPER cute. They come in a wide variety of color choices, and will keep your feet comfy AF while walking across campus.

Backpack crush:
Missguided Minimal Clean Line Rucksack Blush (40)

when the simplest things, are the most bomb. I've always been a fan of simple backpacks, I never liked a backpack that was already designed with a lot of attention on it. Backpacks are important, and what I invest a lot of my time using throughout the year. I throw all my stuff in it, and act careless sometimes about my backpack. For a light day, I usually wear something fashionable, so I can have a break from carrying a chunky backpack. When the days come that I need some extra support, I look for a backpack with thick straps. 

I love love love love embroidered clothing. The comeback of it is strong, and with companies like Gucci even having an embroidered collection, you know its real. It takes awhile to personally embroider something if you own some jeans and want to DIY, or simply by buying patches and sewing patches on. If you're like me, and don't have time for either, investing in a good article of clothing with embroidery is well worth the investment. Even with a search on Ebay, a majority of embroidered articles are pricey even if it is not the most flattering piece of clothing ever. 

   ( EMMA MULHOLLAND/ NASTY GAL)                                                    (EMBOSSED EMBROIDERY FLOWERS JEAN/ SIMONS)

If you haven't heard about highlighting/strobbing your face, a quick youtube video of a demonstration of it will be sending you to the store to get that glowy look. The funkiness of this highlighting palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills will be making you feel like a Unicorn on a different planet. 


Furne One- Art Hearts Fashion Show at the Taglyan Complex
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Furne One is one of fashion's sweethearts from the Philippines, gaining worldwide recognition with the help of The Natori Company who gave him his first big designing work back in his home country.  Now, his designs are sold in the United Arab Emerates under the name Amato Haute Couture. Stars like Tyra Banks and Shakira are also able to patron his jewel-encrusted body suits and dresses thanks to their stylists who are in the know. 

The Taglyan Complex in Hollywood showcases fashion events through Art Hearts Fashion every year. Having Furne One's designs in the house was not just an honor, but a true spectacle complete with strawberry moon projections and fog. The music was spattered with vocalizations of crows. 

A video was created for this event fearturing an interview with the designer. It captures his joy for a gaudy take on acid wash demin. Most of the dresses were embellished with his signature sparkling embroidery.

The tulle for the head and face décor was used in a variety of ways to further denote a kind of antiquated aesthetic. The model's faces were accented by an unblended smoky eye, purple matte lip color, and their own hair. The make up used was by the company The Organic Face.

As the finale for the night, all of the models for this collection came out onto the floor-level catwalk and stood tall and in position for the audience to approach them. Throwing in that fashion presentation vibe at the end was great because it lends itself to the tactics of gorilla blogging.

Furne One oversees every aspect of his shows, which is why we're grateful for his ambitious and eye-catching vision.

Cleopatra: Queen of Egypt. Bow down
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There is no doubt that people have cared about how they looked since clothing came around after we were walking with fur pelts to wearing clothing from materials like cotton. The higher the power, the more fabulous you looked, and the more you influenced people. 

For example, look at Kylie Jenner, and the hundreds of girls who want to look like her.  Or any sex symbol that women and men become charmed by leaving us with a movie about her portrayed by the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor in 1963. Born as the first Macedonian Greek to ever speak Egyptian, Cleopatra would have made Kylie Jenner in B.C times look like a joke with how much power and influence this woman had. At only 17, Cleopatra took the throne, and became one of the most powerful rulers Egypt had ever known. With a woman ruling such a powerful nation, she changed Egypt forever politically, fashionably, and the beauty game. 

It's All For Show Although it is debatable how gorgeous Cleopatra really was, she was very intelligent and knew how to rule. She was a modern day celebrity, with even referring to herself with the goddess Isis. She traveled a lot and spoke many languages, and when appeared for an entrance, she gave a performance. According to the story, when Cleopatra was about to meet Caesar, she was delivered to his bedroom hiding in a rolled rug. When the merchants unrolled the rug, she tumbled out and presented herself, beginning a romance with one of the most powerful men on the planet. A lot of what we know of her is through the Romans, some which could be true, while some information that may be a Myth. Cleopatra is seen on coins, showing masculine features such as a a large, hooked nose, intentionally portraying herself with masculine features as a display of strength.  

Power Dressing
Cleopatra skillfully combined both Greek and Egyptian elements in her wardrobe as a strategic political move.  Usually wearing her hair wound up in a bun in the back. Her hair texture is apparently naturally curly, and probably also used ceremonial wigs that we associate with Egypt that are adorned with gold, turquoise, and decorated with snake diadem or carnelian. Cleopatra dressed for whatever location she was going to, in Egypt she wore traditional Egyptian clothing which is usually made of linen. This linen would then be made into a shear dress, skirt, and a lot of jewelry. In Rome, she would be wearing Roman Garments that were usually ankle-length tunics that were either made from cotton, linen, or Chinese silk. She was a huge fan of pearls, and even drank them for she believed it brought her good fortune. She encrusted them in her shoes, throughout her clothing, jewelry and even into her hair. Along with accessorizing with pearls, she wore bold accessories such as large flat neck pieces, and the traditional Egyptian headdresses. 

Beauty Regimen Her beauty rituals have been marketed and can be found with a simple google of, Cleopatra's beauty routine. Her regime is notoriously known for 'her beauty', or how organic it is, and how her routines are actually good for our body (such as the goat milk bath). Being in Egypt she was introduced to their amazing beauty regime that the Egyptian royals would use. She would often bathe in goal milk and honey due to her belief of making her skin stay soft. Rose water was Cleo's go-to toner, the process of making this was steam-distilling the crushed petals of roses, with the result of making skin soft and smooth. She was also a fan of makeup, by using Kohl eyeliner to extend the line of the eye and powdering the lids with green crushed malachite. Giving the eyes a lot of attention, showed the importance of the eye (ex: eye of horus). Although the kohl liner looked amazing, it turns out that the ingredients used in the Kohl actually protected wearers from certain eye diseases. 

Cleopatra far looked like the woman that Elizabeth Taylor portrayed, and although she was probably very charming and alluring to men, she was more than that. She was a woman who spoke many languages, ruled an entire nation, had outstanding confidence, knew how to impress people, and knew how to take care of herself as a woman in power. 


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Oh, Japan! You never cease to surprise me in fashion tastes and trends. Particularly the art of Zentai, which is short for Zenshin Taitsu is using a full blown body suit which covers you literally from head to toe leaving the wearer with no idea who is wearing the suit. The suit which is made of spandex and sometimes other materials such as cotton  is called Lycra. It all started in the 80's when photographer Marcy Anarch introduced the full body suit looks while shooting some photos for a new project she was working on. This fashion trend not only covers a person from head to toe leaving a secretive, "who's in that suit?", but also makes the Zentai users feel relief in a society that demands conformity. However, Zentai can mean a lot to different people such as a fetish, or feeling like a superhero to really just wanting to fill liberated. 

Among the Zentai subculture, the dating is very low key. It truly represents the aspect of blind dating, because you truly have no idea who you are talking to.  

Not much is known about Zentai due to the small subculture that has about 3,000 people in the community, but I am sure it will grow just like everything else. 

Oh, Pretty Boy | Alex S. Yu Studio
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Vancouver designer and creative Alex S. Yu releases a new editorial showcasing a new way of seeing clothes without a male or female label embedded in it. Utilizing his distinct styling which we've seen in his own namesake label and editorial featured on the website here, Alex creates a new realm of styling that is beyond the connotations of the masculine and feminine.

"We wanted to capture the fine line between gender and show through fashion and styling that there shouldn't really be such a definite line between what kind of clothes should be for men and what kind should be for women. In our opinion, clothes are merely clothes, and should define one's personality and inner self rather than something like gender. "- Alex S. Yu 

Cropped Top & Denim Shorts: ALEX S. YU
Tank Top: Topshop
Earring: Handmade by Stylist

Shirt: Topman 

(L to R)
Top: Comme des Garcons
Earring: Handmade by Stylist

Top: H&M
Shorts: Levi's
Belt: Vintage

Top: Norma Kamali
Earring: Handmade by Stylist

Turtleneck & Tank Top: Topshop
Floral Shirt: Vintage

Dress: H&M x Coachella
Tee: A.P.C.
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Adidas

Shirt: Topman Studio
Turtleneck: ALEX S. YU
Shorts: Club Monaco
Earring: Handmade by Stylist

Shirt & Shorts: Club Monaco
Socks: No Brand
Sandals: TEVA
Sunglasses: Persol

(L to R)
Shirt: Topman Studio
Turtleneck: ALEX S. YU
Shorts: Club Monaco
Earring: Handmade by Stylist

Shirt & Shorts Set: Vintage
Socks: No Brand
Sandals: TEVA

Photography: Alex S. Yu
Styling: Chuan Shih & Alex S. Yu
Grooming: Chuan Shih
Model: Anthony Hernandez