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Ghetto Goths

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"Ghetto Goth"

From the archives, Reflekt Editor-in-Chief Camay Villanueva and fashion designer and Reflekt Muse Andy Ovando collaborated this concept in 2012-2013, reprising the early aughts dark street style reminiscent of Aaliyah, Run DMC to modern A$AP Rocky.

Of course Muse turned Creative Director and photographer or this shoot Andy designed most of these clothes along with curated vintage finds.

Photo | Andy Ovando   Models | Hilary, Camay, Lawrence and Adam
Wardrobe & Styling | Andy Ovando & Camay Villanueva

Street Snap: Micro Indiana Jones
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Fashion is ageless and in this case starts young! Love her hat and irreverent casual cool.

Street Snap: Lace & Flora
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Cool curvy girls look bringing in the bloom with a Miss Havisham approved lace dress and a Hawaiian floral shirt that would be great at a weekend at Bernie's! They were going to a fabulous Plus size fashion show after this photo was taken!

                        Laurel & Hector World Tour Launch Party @ Flamingo Vintage
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Introducing Kee Kee:self-proclaimed bad bitch at Laurel & Hector.

Flamingo Vintage is a chic, neon-collored boutique in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles that houses highly curated new and vintage clothing.  This Pin-up dream house is sprinkled with the accessories and lifestyle items created by up-and-coming geniuses who get an A+ in Glamour 101.  

Kee Kee, an Ausie designer, is zooming on a jumbo jet through the Western world's style hotspots to promote her new wearable art.  

The one-of-a-kind piece on the left is called the Sexy Elephant Dress.

Lucky for her, she found just the right woman to host her monkey-madness: Reflekt muse Candice.

Candice pictured above wearing Laurel & Hector's banana midriff top and mini skirt.

Kee Kee's latest collection made the store glow with excitement.  Her work hummed along in unison with the explosion of retro paraphernalia available for our viewing pleasure.    

We were directed to the collection with: "It's all the bright ones."

Gives retail therapy a new meaning.

Fun Fact:  the brand Laurel & Hector is named after Kee Kee's grandparents.  They must put the Art in heart. 

Jewelry you want to taste.

The scamps, tramps, babes, and stunners who came to this event were a force to be reckoned with as well. 

They consumed the finest desserts…

They stunned in their epic outfits…

They were the epitome of unique...

Their drinks matched with accessorized Corgis…

This Corgi is a loved downtown resident.


On the right is Macy Marie Daisy wearing her handmade fluffy earrings. Fluff shit up at: http://macymarie.wordpress.com  

They were artists and creators themselves!

The brain behind Velvet Beehive Jewelry wearing her creations.  Find her at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/velvetbeehive

So if you are searching for the next great addition to you exceptional wardrobe, you should stop at Flamingo Vintage and snag a jewel from the Laurel & Hardy collection. 

 This store is a safe haven for the eccentric.

It will leave your mind swimming in an ocean of whimsy and delight.

 Flamingo Vintage 548 S Spring St Unit 113Los Angeles, CA 90013(213) 265-7568 http://www.laurelandhector.com.au