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Muse and contributor Andy Ovando designed, styled, shot, and edited another fantastic story that's perfect for the spookiest day in the year. Halloween! This is to die for.

This editorial was featured in Issue º7 MAN 
model | Marc Coronado
clothes | Andrew Ovando

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Tank Girl, Known for her lust for violence, chaos, and her overt sexuality makes her a key icon in the comic book community, riot grrrl community, and juvenile delinquents all around the world. Her cult like idolization makes you want to fall in love or run away form her.

"She undertakes a series of missions for a nebulous organization before making a serious mistake and being declared an outlaw for her sexual inclinations and her substance abuse. The comic centres on her misadventures with her boyfriend, Booga, a mutant kangaroo."

Tank Girl, or known as Rebecca Buck, is strong and intimidating, Lives in a army tank lavished with joke like toys, and artsy decorations. Also she can rule the world. Her desire for weapons and violence and her disheveled punk like appearance made her revolting, un-women like, and broke multiple boundaries. 

She gets involved with a plethora of rambunctious day consuming adventures, whether it involved murder, sex, or drugs. 

Tank Girl is originally a British comic made by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin in 1988 based in a post-apocalyptic Australia. A beer-guzzling, chain-smoking, kangaroo-loving lunatic burps and snarls her way through every page of boisterous color and paper bloodshed. 

The comic it self, was disorganized, anarchistic, avant garde, psychedelic and punk-like. 

The cult sensation was created into a film in 1995. Tank Girl was played by Lori Petty. 

 (Tina Belcher as Tank girl)

With this influential chick by your side you can do what you want. She gives you a sense of delinquency with out consequence, to be who you are, what ever that may be. With that, through out Tank Girls popularity and cosplay at a peek, she is one of the more common characters to dress up as, and scare off any assholes that may linger. 

I'd hope she makes you want to kick ass, and scare off anyone that gets in your way. She also uses her sexuality in a "new" way. Alluring people in for a "taste", then killing them or harming them in some manner. She is no object, she does not allow that. And if she does get objectified, it's under her nose, and she is ready for blood. 

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A "Pocahaunted" Halloween Video Premiere
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The Texas based band Technicolor Hearts is here to put some magic back into your Halloween with their new Pocahaunted video from their full length album The Big Blue Umbrella Sky.  This marvel of song and dance is a lamentation on an uptempo pinwheel made of leaves and twine.  It will send you spinning to your closet to grab your flowing, wide-sleeved, witchy garb for a bedroom mood party.

This flower crown of a production was shot in many locations across the country.  Whether you are a nymph in the forest or a siren of the sea, this video will appeal to your imagination.

Maybe you were planning to stay in this Halloween because it's so corporate and all people do is wear store bought costumes and drink.  Well, we challenge you to to make your own costume this year, you won't have to go much further than your own closet you chic magnifique. 

Take a trick from Naomi and Joseph of Technicolor Hearts and create a Halloween fantasy with a little help from velvet and glitter.

Jason Ryan Preview L.A Fashion Week
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Attended the Jason Ryan Preview. A union of Matador and Bull in a delicious dramatic sense. Luscious fabrics and textures bring Spaniard romanticism to the senses. 

 I didn't read the design bio for this collection. I didn't want to as I wanted to determine my own interpretation. Like any work of art, you don't read the artist bio before hand do you? Well maybe you do, but I don't like doing that. Makes me feel biased. 

All in all this concept was beautiful, theatrical and takes your mind elsewhere.