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Nipple Fashion: Titillating ways to style your girls
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I really don't see all the hullabaloo over seeing a nipple. They are beautiful and look so elegant peeking under gorgeous soft fabrics. It's interesting how the tiniest part of a woman's body can garner so much scrutiny. You can be covered from neck to toe but if you 're not wearing a bra, you can receive a lot more attention than wearing a plunging neckline.

As the free the nipple campaign is growing we thought why don't we think of some budding new ways to style our hershey kisses. Here's our favourites along with unbralievable puns:

Sheer Tops 
From Flickr
Give off a French vibe by veiling your pastries with sheer tulle and chiffon tops. It's quite pretty and oh so lady like. Use Manet's "Olympia" as your inspiration (or basically any French artist model during the 1900's).

'Olympia' by Edouard Manet 1863

Rudi Geinreich and his cut-out designs
Rudi Geinreich would be dancing in his grave hearing about the free the nipple campaign. An activist for boob freedom he invented the "no-bra bra" and his controversial monokini in the early sixties. It was an obvious choice to add his breastaking designs in this post. So go for a futuristic 60's look with mod eyelashes and bare breasted cut out tops.

Rudi Geinreich Monokini from LIFE archives 1963


Go for that Queen of the damned look with ornate nipple jewelry and breast chains. Found some really cool ones on enchantedtreasures.cometsy, or make your own from this kinky krafts thread! And don't worry if your nipps aren't pierced there are clamp versions too!

Aaliyah as the Queen of the Damned

Plain t-shirt
Gigi Hadid in CR Fashion book
The best way to proudly showoff your breasts is under a plain white t-shirt. Simple, comfortable and a subtle sexiness that will never go out of style. 

Hopefully the free nipple trend doesn't go away as all fads do. If this campaign successfully frees aerolas from scrutiny, a whole new freedom for women will be opened with a brea(s)th of relief.
Alexandrino: Painting with leather as the canvas
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Brazilian Designer, Rayza Garcia De Carvalho of ALEXANDRINO built her brand through family values and heritage. Inspired by her grandfather, Alexandrino Garcia, who was a business magnate in Brazil and her grandmother who was a couture designer.

 Carvalho created a platform for leading artists to create wearable pieces that have the same artisanal level as the artist themselves. Using supple leather bespoked pieces as their canvases. Two artist that collaborated with Alexandrino for their debut collection was  Gretel Joffroy (b. 1979, Nogales, México) and Evan Mendel (also known as AWONDERFULMISTAKE).

I quite fancy this platform as this is a more fitting outlet for artists' work to be seen instead of a plain t-shirt. Paint on leather has a wonderful sensory quality that you can't really get from anything else. I like that Alexandrino created a practical and excellently crafted platform for art and tailoring (not fashion) to meet. Seeing the quality of leathers, the minimalist structure of the tops along with the organic strokes of paint results in some priceless pieces any art collector and fashion curator would love to don. 

Onda: new funk rock band debuts at Chalk Farm.
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Left to right: Jono (Bass), Zarina (singer), Charlie (drums) and Guy (guitar).

Playing at The Enterprise in Chalk Farm last Saturday, new band Onda debuted themselves with their first gig ever, Zarina, the front woman of the band, is also a part time model who is appearing in Reflekts next issue! After a great, intimate gig, I sat down with the talented band to have a little chat about their music and some of their hobbies…

Ok, guys so how would you describe your band?
Zarina (singer): funk rock
Guy (guitar): Funk rock plus more stuff
Charlie (drums): Chuck in some blues, there’s always some blues in there.
Jono (bass): a bit of jazz and a bit of metal.

First gig as a band, or is it your first gig in general?
Z: This is the first time for me
C: first time as a band
J: Zarina’s the new girl!
Z: We haven’t even been together a year, we started last summer.
G: My mom actually cam up with the name Onda. Its Japanese for ‘sound attack’

Really? That’s cool! so you guys are quite an international group?
Z: Yeah, Guys half Japanese half English. I’m from Kazakhstan
C: I’m English
J: And I’m English too.
C: We are quite geeky as well… we play board games.
Z: All the time

Oh right? What kind of board games?
J: We play Dungeons and Dragons because we are really cool. I got into it and I told the guys that they should play and they really liked it!

Does this geeky side influence your music?
Z: a little bit..
G: Yeah the lyrics are a bit geeky.

So I could say your music is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons?
Z: yeah you can say that! We can even send you links to all these geeky sites!

Do you guys hang out a lot as a band?
G: We cook a lot together.
Z: We don’t live together but we might as well. We are always at Jono’s.
J: That’s where we jam. They just live in my house and eat my food.

So what’s your little background story? Say if you guys were auditioning for a competition, what would you tell the audience for them to vote for you?
Z: Well Jono and Charlie were married and Guy is their love child.
C: We adopted Guy!
Z: yes now we are in the middle of a custody battle
J: yeah it’s a bit awkward because Guy is older than us!

You guys get together to rehearse quite often?
C: Twice a week!
G: sometimes three times!
J: Generally we do keep in contact on a daily basis.

So how is it breaking into the music industry?
C: It’s hard work.
G: and sweaty.
J: constant sweat.

So in general how is the musician life?
Z: For the moment we are just enjoying the moment
C: Tonight was really nice because we got feedback form people we actually care about, instead of strangers we had never met before.

Needless to say, Onda are quite an interesting and lovely bunch, and hopefully they will have more gigs and events coming up in the future! Watch out for these guys!

Photography by Emily McKay, article by Linda Lahtinen
CAHOOTS: London's new underground speakeasy bar
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Cahoots Bar, hidden in the disused Kingly Court underground station, is the brand new addition to Soho’s already healthy supply of speakeasy cocktail bars run by the Inception Group. Far from your average local cocktail club, Cahoots’ 1940’s old underground station bar has you instantly feel as if you have gone back in time. The painstakingly detailed visuals; from an old train carriage turned into a seating area to their own mock newspaper, “The Kingly Court Herald”; are enough to keep you on your toes for the whole night. Not to mention an 8 page themed cocktail menu! So get a hold of your ration books and head to Cahoots for a glamorous escape; where the music playing and the atmosphere feeling so authentic to the prohibition era, it almost feels illegal!

Just remember to mind the gap!

Illustrations and article by Linda Lahtinen
Fashion in motion: Life stills of LA fashion week
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In the back alley to a giant warehouse filled with pouty socialites, perfectly complexioned blogger boys, and half naked models running around it was quite a scene in fashion's ignored fashion week. Still considered a joke of fashion weeks, LA has been working hard putting its own glittery starbucks frappucino infused flavor into fashion week and feature LA designers that don't just do swimwear and ugly pageant queen gowns. Producers of Concept are what we feel are some of the few leaders in making LA fashion week a truly cool thing and something people want to travel to. Here is some of the life captured in those small moments between shows, waiting in lines and mingling amongst LA sartorialists. 

Style Snap: Red and yellow
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Points of fashion: Red chapeau, mustard yellow dress, sassy attitude.

How to create your own fast-fashion dinner party
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Do you love dinner parties but don't have the time or money to pull a Martha Stewart? Here is a fun way to gather all your friends together on a budget and make it fun and memorable for your friends!

1. Invite a group of friends who don't mind being silly and love to dress up.

2. Wear the fanciest get up you have. Designer or knock off, doesn't matter as long as its a knockout! The fancier everyone looks the better. You want to make this something no one at your party will ever forget.

3. Instead of going to some fancy restaurant and avoiding cleaning your house, go to a fast food restaurant of your choice and order off the secret menu. That way it can accommodate more picky eaters, it's something a little different, and it's affordable.

secret menus to all the big fast food chains:

4.  Be merry and have a grand ole time with good friends and good (fast) food!

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: A filthy house tour of John Waters
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Fake glamour, debutantes next to armed robbers and chronicling the fashion sense of infamous murderers? Why its John Waters of course! Giving Robin Leache a house tour for "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."

Seriously I would love to see him foray into fashion journalism. His filthy wit and macabre sense of humour would be loads better than any Suzy Menkes piece.

Best of Web! Issue º10 PROPER edition
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Issue º10 cover stars and Muses Quinn Salazar and Candice Molayem
If you still have a lustful urge to devour everything regarding the Issue 10 theme: Propriety, Dandyism, Lolitas, Skinheads, colonial fashion, gentrification and all other forms in-between the cracks do go on and read, watch, and learn from these digi-gems.

Always wanted to have a debutante education but have no trust fund? Fret no more!

Curious about true Skinhead culture and love comics and zines? Check out Greg Narvas' journey and adventures in his popular zine series "I was a Filipino Skinhead."

Beau Brummel, the father of regent Dandyism. Coming from an impoverished family, Beau moved up the ranks in society due to his hyper elegant attire and his influential friends including King George the 4th. We love him because despite his meager upbringing he taught the aristocracy how to PRIMP. Polishing your boots with champagne? Why of course. 5 hour sessions primping and curating your clothes just to get dressed in the morning? Essential!
Read here:

During the Occupy craze a couple of years back, fashion had its manicured claws into this activist trend. The fashion industry didn't change much after Occupy but besides the class exploitation we love the pretty pictures that were inspired by it.

Diana Vreeland
There's so much to say about this nutty broad already saturating the internet so we'll just give you some crumbs. Former EIC of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue in the 60's. Discovered Lauren Bacall, Cher, Oscar De La Renta and invented the Fashion Editor and revived the Metropolitan Museum of Art to what it is today. She came from meager beginnings and unlucky in the beauty department so she decided to recreate herself from the way she walked, talked and viewed life.

Read the books about her (book stores or your local library) or if you have a netflix account ( get a free 1 month trial) you can watch her documentary "The Eye has to Travel".

Another really interesting Occupy fashion story came from fashion styling students at San Francisco Academy of Art. Inspired by SF's own history of rebellion and protesting.

from our Issue º10 Pinterest
And if you STILL didn't get enough you crackhead click over to our Pinterest for some beautifully controversial inspo photos regarding class, class struggles and balancing books on your heads.