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Camay in the U.K: Part 2 Museum Day
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Best thing to do for free to get your cultural fix? Museums duh. I love going to museums. Art museums, cultural museums, fashion exhibits. Pretty much anything if I can stare at it or touch it or both…if the guards would let me. When I was little I was always on the museum guards’ black list because I would try to touch all the art work! Immersing myself in the Titan reds, the golden wavy hair of Botticelli’s girls, and the lush velvet that 16th century painters always seem to do on point. I could stare at them all day.

I stumbled onto The National Gallery (near Trafalgar square, free admission) when I was mindlessly walking through central London playing the quintessential Lost Tourist to perfection. It was a warm welcome (literally) from the ice cold winds to the ornate gilded frames and baroque moldings on the walls. It beat sitting in a Starbucks like a hobo.

My favorite pieces from the National Gallery below. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go through the whole exhibit forcing me to literally run (maybe not run but definitely power walk) through the many halls of paintings and Mona Lisa smiles. 

Another amazing gallery (free but donations are welcome and much deserved) is the Black Archives Gallery in Brixton. A great exhibit showcasing British black style, Black periodicals, newspapers and magazines, emergence of black beauty, art, fashion and music, and activism for civil rights, women and British immigration.

All of the pictures, artifacts, posters, and printed media were donated by the people who lived through these hardships and documented this side of British history. 

It was great and eye opening seeing the mix of British style through the 50’s to 90’s. My favorite being the 60’s. Mixing African and Caribbean roots to punk, Bob Marley, skinny suits and 70’s flair. A small niche in British fashion history which gave way to a larger portion of iconic British styles such as punk and skin heads (which derived from rude boys).

It showed me how rich history really is from global events such as civil rights movement to local triumphs such as the first black british beauty patents and neighborhood celebrities like Pinky. From the big to small they all had its place in time and had a purpose to people’s lives.

Camay in the U.K: Part 1 Swaggin' bags and Teabags
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Reflekt EIC, Camay Villanueva and her London adventures. Part 1: Swaggin' bags and teabags.

Hello! It's Camay, Reflekt EIC and weirdo chic lover. I'm across the pond right now doing important field research, business and a little bit of touristing. I'll share my observations with you all and showcase global style and fashion communities whilst my stay in the Queen's country.

 SO not unknown to the world, London has some serious outerwear game due to the frigid cold weather, which feels like its freezing you from the inside (Or perhaps my delicate California skin ca't take it?). But this post is gonna be about dem bags. Doing London style right I've seen all sorts of loud patterned and colorful little bags to the serious high end fashion stuff fit for a queen.

What's so cool though that this intrinsic eye for flashy arm extenders goes further then leather and hardware and to paper and plastic.  Graphics are definitely important here as everything from plastic bags from Tesco's to take out (they call it 'take away' here) paper bags are visually pleasing and quite clever in design. Take for instance the take out bag I got from an Indian restaurant. (Shown at bottom) It's cute sketch of a fashionable bag you would see in any other high street shop like Topshop or the best knock-off stand you know.

I love that despite the flash and boldness that London style is known for, they really pay attention to details in unexpected places. Can't wait to see what this city reveals to me.

Take out bag from an Indian restaurant. Looks just like a fashion-y bag you'd get from a high street store.

Drag secrets from Winner of Neon Drag show at Heart of Art Normandy Cross!
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Among all the glitter, neon lights, and false eyelashes one queen stood above the rest in L.A queer and feminist art gallery and venue, Heart of art Gallery. The ever so fabulous drag queen Normandy Cross took the crown as fiercest of them all. We bribed her majesty with an a beautiful mag of Issue º10 PROPER to spill her style secrets to us. Be as imaginative and fab as Normandy with these dragtastic secrets!

What is your name?
Normandy Cross / David Sanchez

1. What influences your personal style?
Fashion in the 80s and 90s. Subcultures like club kids of the 90s,
psychedelic rock, and old school hardcore punk. I have a graphic design
background, so I’m very inspired by bold minimalism. I am also drawn to
black and white Disney cartoons. Lastly, my drag friends in the SoCal area.
We are a diverse bunch.

2. What is your favorite piece of clothing in your collection and why?
So much to choose. I have this 80’s esque blue jacket/blazer thing with
large shoulder pads. It’s much different than other 80’s jackets/blazers
I’ve seen, yet it manages to look appealing. The fabric flows like a dream.

4. What do you think you'll be wearing in 30 years?
I like to think that i’ll age like a fine wine and dress like a golden
girl. Otherwise, I’ll be wearing something comfortable and/or laid back.

5. If you could steal one person's wardrobe, who would it be?
My drag self would nab anything from Holly White's (french drag queen)
closet. I adore her style.

6. Describe your style in 5 words.
Vintage, Nostalgic, Eccentric, Bold, (somehow) Approachable.

7. What's one fashion trend that needs to go away forever?
One word: Crocs. One sentence: anything associated with Crocs.

8. Any parting words of wisdom for our reader?
Trust yourself, do what makes you happy, don’t take life so seriously.
Thank you for having me.

9. Where can we keep up with you?
Your followers can find me on Instagram (sleepinggiant), Tumblr (normandycross.tumblr.com) and Facebook Normandy Cross/David Sanchez
Digital Issue º4 Vacation
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Price: $2
Vacation Features:
-personal style interviews with LAw (a.k.a Lawrence Lindell) on his hardcore punk roots living in south central, visual fx artist and posh dandy B-ry
-Style Tribe feature: South African Dandies
-How to make your pjs street style worthy
-beat the Summer heat without looking Naked: 3 fashion bloggers from South Africa, Malaysia and America spill their secrets how to keep cool without showing alot of skin.
-4 alternative "Club-Ho" looks for the club. No teeny short skirts or sky high heels required
-Travel the World in your own Backyard: Instead of going on a plane to see far off places go visit the mini versions. We take you to Little Italy, China Town, and Little India

Rurru's Pretty Perversion from the Mexican art underground
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"34" Poports  
Mexican artist Rurru's latest collection "Poports" brings hyper sexual surrealism and quirky colors to the world and shows a peek into the Mexican art underground.

Pretty perversion. Pornos with glitter on top. It’s a hard (excuse the pun) balance straddling drawing with a delicate almost child like hand and happy colors with beastiality, hermaphrodites and sodomy creating a delectable sex dungeon fit for a fairy tale princess.

Rurru lives in a forest away from the hustle and bustle of Mexico city where she creates these cheeky worlds. Check out her website and see more of this artists hardcore prettyness. She is an underground Mexican illustrator, graduated from the “Facultad de Artes y diseño, UNAM. She lives in Mexico city and shows her sexual  (social) disagreement in her artwork.

Rurru's work takes some pre-Hispanic rites of a sexual nature that carried out the Hustecos in antiquity, as this civilization was the most sexual of all Mesoamerica. It also takes some pre-Hispanic deities of a sexual nature, as Tlazoltéotl, goddess of sexuality or the eater of filth, Macuilxochtl God's pleasure; Huehuecóyotl god of sexuality and Mictlantecuhtli, addressing the latter in relation to the definition given by George Bataille on orgasm,  talking about it as a " tiny death”. 

"Nahual", Poports

"Aborto", Poports

I work a lot with sexual dissidence, gender distinctions and especially attempting to deal the stereotype of beauty imposed on us. My illustrations are based on the representation of she-males and pre-Hispanic deities.

As well as some sexual rites were between the Mexico and Mayan civilizations...The idea is to present the explicit sexual gradually also be addressed naturally.

"Deletereo", Poports
We also see in her artwork the constant appearance of transvestites, transsexuals, and sometimes characters wearing strap ons, trying to promote this dissident sexualities and inviting the viewer to not feel guilty if you have or want to experience their sexuality differently from the so-called erroneously as "normal". His characters used orthopedics and most are amputees, have pimples, they are very thin, and have many hairs and beads, creating a visual questioning on charges of tax beauty. They also suffer from canker or hives produced by some work of Macuilxochtl, who used to be in charge of punishing people with these diseases if abused the pleasure.

What makes these Poports so interesting is that you get distracted by the innocent characteristics of the illustrations so when you really look at the whole picture, its shocking and makes you do a double take. The concepts of combining sexual dissidence and pre-hispanic deities brings light to histories unknown to most outside of Mexico and highlights the country’s very rich culture and histories.

A melting pot of sex, old civilizations and quirky kaleidoscopic imagery  garners Rurru's work to be approachable for any sweet art lover and raw enough for every sex fiend.

"Vibora", Poports

Rurru (Almendra).
Introducing the Phussy crew
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Phussy are exceptional connoisseurs of rare vintage threads, hand-made pieces, and artistic styling.

You can't feel "branded" by this brand unlike the other heavy-hitting lines out there.  Phussy is reaching out to your unique and singular self to remind you that one size does not fit all.  They will not imprint your skin with their agenda.  They will help you find a soul connection with your inner-most artistic visions.  How do they accomplish such heights?  First they chant:


Then they take you on a trip into the past with their outstanding vintage armoire.  You'll find a treasury of alternate histories told through their selection.  Tales of villages, tales, of empires, tales of experimentation, tales of revolution, and tales of empowerment all waiting to be told on the social stage.

 Lastly, they nurture this very important supernatural element:

 the creation of in-house handmade items.  Don't expect Phussy to just sell you a thing.  The true nature of their operation lies in the name.  For those who really see art in their personal style, the word fussy is an understatement in regard to the amount of care and attention paid to this aspect of life.  Their crew is comprised of real people like us.  They create, they give, and take time and consider their profession to be their art.

Phussy UK ships worldwide:


Social media:

IG: @phussy
 FB: original seed
Digital Issue º11 SPIRIT
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Price: $2
Our Spirit Issue Features:
- Style Tribe feature: L.A street scene: gutter punks, d.i.y community, and the L.A underground.
- Style Interview with world traveling musician Daedelus (Alfred Darlington) and artist Annie Motel.
- 7 ways to adopt the style icon presence.
-Religious dress and why it will always be in fashion.
-Muse Update: Reuniting with all of our Muses to se where the lives and style have taken them since our last chat.
-High school Stories: The difference between your high school style and your personal style now.
-Brand Allegiance: The cult life of worshipping a brand.

Rose La Grua "I'll Never Tell" SS 15'
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A tell-all of Rose La Grua's latest collection "I'll Never Tell". She may never tell, but we can't promise anything. Virgin Suicidal in flowers, pin curls, and a Maison Martin Margiela 90's vibe.    

Rose La Grua is not unknown to the Reflekt pages as we have featured her wonderful clothes in the past in our "Colonial Remix" editorial. When we were graciously invited to her latest collection "I'll Never Tell", we jumped at the chance to see what this sweet designer has concocted.

Airy and ethereal with little pockets just to put flowers in! These effervescent frocks bring to mind traipsing along a meadow or outside a museum garden. Easy garments with unusual cuts and structures  gives familiar garments a new raw eyes.

Go on her website to see her past collections that are equally cool and tantalizing. Its unusual cuts mixed with teen favourite fabrics like denim, plaid and jersey honor the idea of California cool.

Rose La Grua (in middle) with her gorgeous models