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Oh, Pretty Boy | Alex S. Yu Studio
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Vancouver designer and creative Alex S. Yu releases a new editorial showcasing a new way of seeing clothes without a male or female label embedded in it. Utilizing his distinct styling which we've seen in his own namesake label and editorial featured on the website here, Alex creates a new realm of styling that is beyond the connotations of the masculine and feminine.

"We wanted to capture the fine line between gender and show through fashion and styling that there shouldn't really be such a definite line between what kind of clothes should be for men and what kind should be for women. In our opinion, clothes are merely clothes, and should define one's personality and inner self rather than something like gender. "- Alex S. Yu 

Cropped Top & Denim Shorts: ALEX S. YU
Tank Top: Topshop
Earring: Handmade by Stylist

Shirt: Topman 

(L to R)
Top: Comme des Garcons
Earring: Handmade by Stylist

Top: H&M
Shorts: Levi's
Belt: Vintage

Top: Norma Kamali
Earring: Handmade by Stylist

Turtleneck & Tank Top: Topshop
Floral Shirt: Vintage

Dress: H&M x Coachella
Tee: A.P.C.
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Adidas

Shirt: Topman Studio
Turtleneck: ALEX S. YU
Shorts: Club Monaco
Earring: Handmade by Stylist

Shirt & Shorts: Club Monaco
Socks: No Brand
Sandals: TEVA
Sunglasses: Persol

(L to R)
Shirt: Topman Studio
Turtleneck: ALEX S. YU
Shorts: Club Monaco
Earring: Handmade by Stylist

Shirt & Shorts Set: Vintage
Socks: No Brand
Sandals: TEVA

Photography: Alex S. Yu
Styling: Chuan Shih & Alex S. Yu
Grooming: Chuan Shih
Model: Anthony Hernandez

The uniform of the "Art Lover Lady" at LAFW
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Definitely taking the art museum concept to heart you can see digitally printed Statue of Davids and other sculptures staring back at you on boldly structured tops and asymmetric pleated dresses. Starch white woven tops and bottoms reminiscent of cold marble sculptures and blank white walls and deep black hues, that uniform color for any member of the artsy intelligentsia. The "Art lover lady" has finally taken over the runway.

Due to digital amnesia we have no idea who this amazing designer is. I know, we're sorry. All we know is that this was taken at LA Fashion Week (LAFW) A/W 2015 and we were in awe. The pleats were everything. The varying levels of accordion ridges that enveloped the body created a new silhouette going beyond anatomy and into conceptual.

We see the strong confident human (we can easily see a man or woman rocking these outfits) who loves to stride into art galleries and museums in getups such as these. In fact, I know I've seen a couple of art ladies wearing outfits exactly like this-maybe they know who the designer is?

The Creator

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It is all within his name, Tyler, The Creator. The man started up growing up skating in Los Angeles with his group of friends, and eventually started Odd Future. His eccentric attitude about not giving a fuck about anything, or anyone won the hearts of many millennials and kids from the 90's. At only 25 years old, Tyler has won three awards, hosted a music event called Camp Flognaw that goes on every year, has hosted a fashion show, and creates all the art for his merchandise. Tyler's fame started through his Yonkers music video where he is seen eating a ROACH, yes a ROACH. From that music video, his life would basically change forever, changing the scene as well.

Although, I can talk about how Tyler's music must be the dopest due to him performing with some of the best artists such as Kanye West, Kali Uchis, and Frank Ocean. He must be the fashion king of this generation. Fashion was dull before Tyler came into the picture, this man, a true fashion icon, sticks to having his clothing having his personality by "wearing whatever the fuck I want to wear" along with his not giving a fuck about anything personality. His outfits range from wearing other brands such as Supreme, to his own clothing line called Golf.

"Do what the fuck you want. Stand for what the fuck you believe in and don't let nobody tell you you can't do what the fuck you want. I'm a fuckin' unicorn. Fuck anybody who says I'm not."

The world of fashion needed someone like him, who does things because it makes him happy, and it fits who he is as a person. Not giving a fuck is the best advice and inspiration a person can have. The western world that we live in today is still very unaccepting about certain fashion trends, which is why a majority of people dress the same, just visit any college campus or mall. Fear of being judged, fear of not looking good in a certain outfit. Once a fear is conquered, things can be changed. Fashion is suppose to be fun, and no one wants to dress like everyone else, or else we would all look like people of Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhand's that all dress and look the same. I hope the world can learn from Tyler, or people similar to him, how to express yourself, because that is the true essence of fashion.

Game Changer

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Imagine, hearing a young woman with booming fame out of no where talk about how she keeps her originality, especially in the chaos of the entertainment and music industry.

 "I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original" 

Those words are spoken from Aaliyah Dana Haughton, or notoriously known as Aaliyah the woman who would introduce hip hop & r&b to the mainstream world. Aaliyah swooped the hearts of many during the late 90's and early 2000's era for a voice that was so distinguishable that to this day many 90's kids can tell you off the bat when her songs came on. Her career started at 15, when she released her first album with the help of R. Kelly whom she married illegally with R. Kelly being only 25. Sadly, Aalyiah died on August 25, 2001 due to the pilot being on drugs and unlicensed, some say due to conspiracy theories that range from R Kelly wanting her to die, to the illuminati wanting to destroy her in order for Beyonce to take her place.  Aaliyah will always be remembered through her music, and for her bad ass tom boy fashion taste to wearing feminine attire that made it known she was a girl boss. Her fashion sense today has inspired many artists in the hip hop game including celebrities like Rihanna. Making hip hop allowable and cute for women to wear, and not being scared to put on some men's clothing and work it. Tommy Hilfiger would not have been the same without her, due to her consistent modeling of his clothing line. Aaliyah, who still has music sales selling, changed the music industry, and gave clothing the sweet, but fresh hip hop funk, thank you for the game change that is still impacted to this day.


Lets take a step back - Byzantine
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They always say history repeats itself. Well guess what, so does fashion. Except lately, fashion is everything from vintage, grunge, to even historical inspired garments. So if the people of today are wearing clothing that are inspired from everything, what were people wearing back then? Did the people before sewing machines, buttons, or jeans know what fashion was? A lot of people like to think that fashion has only been around for a short amount of time, when in reality fashion has been around for thousands of years, and was usually meant to show your social class. Today, fashion designers are inspired by everything, especially the type of fashion that people wore before the sewing machine was invented. Lets take a look back into time, with the most dazzling fashion period, and rulers, the Byzantine Period. 

Byzantine was probably one of the most culturally influenced and the first to be influenced by culture in fashion. The Byzantine period was in rule for about a thousand years, and among that they had a very strong fashion sense and a strong trade. Traders would buy fabric from all over, including the middle east and the Orient. Giving their people a sense of new ways to experiment and show off social class. These garments were usually very conservative, covering a majority of skin, but in exchange had the most lavish designs such as geometrical shapes. The fabrics were colorful and patterned with embroidery and jeweled surfaces  for upper class. Where purple is known for being part of royalty, we can thank the Byzantines for that because that is what they believed in, and only the royals could wear purple. A majority of these garments came with a trim in the cuffs, hems, or necklines as part of the Byzantine look. As for people placed in the lower class, resist dyed their clothing with patterns. Inspired by Romans, Byzantine adopted the tunic and toga for men, with women wearing a long dress called the Stola. Also, the Byzantine were notorious for their silk which was introduced by a man named Emperor Justinian. When silk fabric was introduced, the Byzantines had more color options to pick from since silk allowed the use for vibrant colors. 

Lets thank the Byzantine for the wonderful world of silk. Two Persian monks smuggled silkworms out of China and began to produce silk during the Byzantine Empire. Only the wealthy could afford to own silk, and the poor had to wear simple garments, or fabric such as Linen and fine wool. Cotton was not around back then due to not having a trade with Egypt, so that was out of the picture. Since clothes were expensive, and took a very long time to make back then (thank you sewing machines), clothing had to accommodate a full pregnancy. While modesty was applied to men and women, clothing was worn very close to the neck, with sleeves extending all the way to the wrist, with the hemline extending all the way to the ground past the ankle. Hair would usually be covered. Wealthy women would have fun because of silk, incorporating it into their hair with silk veils with a touch of pearls net worked, or tying the silk into a turban.

The Furrys

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Everyday I learn about things I never thought existed. What really blew my mind was learning about people who love the porn of human like animals. Later, to find out theres a whole bigger side to just watching human like animal porn, theres actually a community of it.

We all have fetishes, not necessarily does it have to be an obsession with feet, or BDSM, or even looking at the MILF section on your favorite site, it can really vary. Having a fetish puts us in a community where it can make someone feel welcomed and a sense of belongingness to know there are others who also like the same things as you do. For example, the BDSM community is huge, even inspired a middle aged woman to write 50 Shades of Grey that gained so much popularity it became a movie. However, there's other fetishes that exist, such as stigmatophile - a person who loves tattoos or piercings, or clinophile - someone who loves lying down and reclining. Not all fetishes are sexualized, and we all have them as a human being.  Having a sexual fetish or not,  it can spice up your life and open yourself to new experiences and new people. Fetishes are also a part of religion, but are described as worshipping objects because of certain magical powers such as shamans and totem poles - nothing sexually related. Animals have always been worshipped and deemed very spiritual among many different people in the world. Even during the BC days  Egyptians would create images of human forms with features resembling a cat, starting the fetish which is increasingly gaining popularity called Furrys. 

Growing up, cartoons were always a must to watch on Saturday morning, watching Bugs Bunny or Tom and Jerry always fighting, it was entertaining because for some reason children love animals, and this leads to a successful entertainment business not only in movies but at theme parks as well. While some children grow up wanting to be like Mulan or Aladdin, other children find a strong fascination with animals, growing a urge of developing a fetish of wanting to be one. When the child grows up, luckily for them, there's a community for that. Furries are anthropomorphized animal characters, basically animals with human qualities or characteristics. For example, a female furry character can have a body of a woman  with the perky two breasts, a hour glass figure, and human like arms and legs.Furrys dress up a majority of the time as mammals, in a mascot-esque type of clothing, usually bi-pedal (two legs). Although not as common, some dress up as reptiles and birds. While outsiders see this as a fetish, those who are part of the furry community see it as a place of belonging. There are a couple of conventions dedicated to meeting other Furrys and hanging out. People of all ages attend including children, and every year the convention grows. Regardless of how you view it, it incorporates their own sense of fashion that ranges from wearing animal ears to owning a fursuit, which is basically an animal costume.  These bad boys cover you from head to toe are made from different sorts of quality depending on your price range that range from the hundreds to the thousands, even more if you want it speciality designed the way you want it. The amount of work required on a full body suit is usually a couple hundred of hours, and is made with vegan products such as fake fur, or plush. The wearing of the fursuit varies from person to person with some wearing it only at conventions, sometimes during the week, or everyday. Wearing a fursuit, or even simply putting on a pair of animal ears gives a majority of furrys a true sense of identity making their actual human self feel like only just flesh on their skin and not who they really are. Yet while animals in the wild never wear clothes unless you're Paris Hilton who dresses up her dog, furrys incorporate their own sense of fashion usually on their fursuits. On top of their fursuits they usually wear normal human clothes. From punk attire to Renaissance, to sexy latex dresses, the furrys incorporate clothing just as they would dress their non-furry self. 

What the furry community is notoriously known for the misconception of being a sex craze, animal fucking society. The side that 90% people see due to news and the fascination of seeing modern people dress up as an animal. Some simply enjoy the furry community and have no sexual desires of it while others enjoy reading furry erotica, using special code names for sexual words such as "splooge" which means sperm or watching Yiff. Yiff, which is furry porn, also brings in new people after spending time looking through and finding a fascination with it. This is the community that's usually seen, from having erotica fan drawing, to dildos that are shaped like a horses penis,  and butt plugs with artificial fur tails connected. While having their fetish for animals with human characteristics this does not mean that they have sex with their dog or find some sort of attraction to their pets. What arouses Furrys are the animalistic outfits that become a turn on during role play or their partners furrys characteristics. 
Others enjoy it because animals have sex very differently from people stating that when people have sex it's a lot of thinking, but when animals have sex they just do it. Expressing their own sexual urges gives a fun and safe environment for furries who spice up their sex life with this type of creativity and imagination. Sex is a natural desire, so it should be fun, and as long as it's consensual and safe, hopefully this community will one day not be mocked for being themselves. 

Take Only What You Need, and Never More Than You Need
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“They're also waiting to make  you want things. Everything we've grown up with—the stories on the feed, the games, all of that--it's all streamlining our personalities so we're easier to sell to. I mean, they do these demographic studies that divide everyone up into a few personality types, and then you get ads based on what you're supposedly like. They try to figure out who you are, and to make you conform to one of their types for easy marketing. It's like a spiral: They keep making everything more basic so it will appeal to everyone. And gradually, everyone gets used to everything being basic, so we get less and less varied as people, more simple.” - Feed by M.T. Anderson. 
I hope this quote sparked some thoughts about the culture that exists within America today. In this crazy world where as a society, the meaning of achieving the “American Dream” has increased in terms of material things, we have been accustomed to always having the newest thing NOW! NOW! NOW! The pace of our life is affecting the quality of life. We have things we’re obsessed over and then the new version comes out and we no longer care about what we already had. We’re not going to get happier by consuming more. 

Minimalism is inspired by Zen traditions of Confucius, Buddhism and the Yoga Sutras. According to these beliefs, minimalism can be essential to living a life of sustained joy. We can let go of our attachments to possessions because THEY DON’T DEFINE WHO WE ARE, because HAPPINESS IS NOT DERIVED FROM MATERIAL OBJECTS, because WE CAN BE MINDFUL, and because WE CAN SPEND LESS TIME CARING ABOUT OUR THINGS AND MORE TIME CARING ABOUT THE PEOPLE AROUND US. 

It may seem impossible to pursue this ideology in modern America, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to embody the idea of minimalism. There’s a lot of different aspects to minimalism where we can apply this “less is more” mentality, for example; art and style, thoughts and actions, or physical belongings. We don’t have to not own anything to be a minimalist, we just need to own less than we do now, to toss things we don’t need and organize the things we do.

A little guide~
Before you start going through all your belongings, there’s one very important thing to keep in mind: If you haven’t gone out of your way to look for it in the past six months, you probably don’t need it! Usually when we start to go through our old things we find stuff that’s been misplaced or forgotten and start hoarding those items, I’m the queen of it! But if you’ve gone this long without it then you probably don’t need it. 

~CLOSET COAT HANGER TRICK: hang all your clothes on coat hangers but hang them backwards! do that to all your clothes, when you wear each item of clothing, hang it back the right way, then at the end of 6 months you can see all the clothes you did and did not wear. 

~BE SENTIMENTAL, JUST NOT THAT SENTIMENTAL: it’s difficult to let go of things that hold value and memories, but you really have to stop and think: is it really that important? I say go through that old memory box and only keep 5-10 items that hold sentimental value to you. 

~NO DOUBLES: if you’re seeing doubles when you shouldn’t then you probably have too much, it’s okay to have more than one of certain things like socks or underwear but try not to have excess of things you don’t need!

~SOME QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER BEFORE YOU BUY THINGS: do you really truly need it and want it? when and how often will you use it? do you have something similar? if you find yourself going “hmmm” to most of those questions then you should probably set it down and walk away. 

~STAY PRIORITIZED. Retail Therapy is real, trust me I’ve been there many times, but next time you’re in need of retail therapy use that time to buy things you actually need! 

1. Define your personal style
2. List 20 essential clothing items to own
3. Write down 10 things you're grateful for
4. Unsubscribe from e-mail marketing
5. Set goals for the next 6 months
6. Clean + organize your closet
7. De-clutter your work space
8. Get rid of unused makeup, skin/haircare products
9. Journal your day (discover what you're spending your time on)
10. Organize the folders + files on your computer 
Leather & Leisure

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Here at Reflekt, leather (vegan or non-vegan) is always welcome in our closets. So when we saw this editorial by stylist Chelsea Martin and her team rocking leather for summer, how could we say no?

  "Our editorial inspiration was born of model and doula Charis Briley's beauty, but also innate strength and intelligence. We developed an aesthetic that played with peekaboo summer stylings of leather, skin, mesh, and silk. At play, a mix of hard and soft, color and its opposite,  leather and leisure. "

Nasty Gal Leather Shorts, Topshop Sleeveless Duster, Vintage Open Back Vegan Leather Crop Top,  Topshop Pleated Satin Midi Skirt, (Minus The) Leather Mock Neck Shift Dress, Vintage Open Back Vegan Leather Crop Top, TopShop Franco Sandal,  Public Desire Claudia Clear Heeled Patent Boots

Photographer:  Jorge Bardina IG @bardinaphoto

HMU:  Raina Antle: IG @rainaantle

Model:  Charis Briley: with NYLO modeling agency:

Stylist:  Chelsea Martin IG @che_ls_ea
Haute Summer hacks
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Summer has officially commenced! While we’re blessed with year round rays in SoCal, the timing of summer couldn’t be best fêted with fine fashion and cocktails on hand (non-alcoholic for me, thanks!).

You might be wondering how else you could prepare your wardrobe to avoid those sticky moments and instead stride with coolness. There is nothing more cringe worthy than turning up to a date glazed in sweat. Yikes!  

Here are at Reflekt we like to come to your fashion rescue. You won’t fall short on summer awesomeness with our haute hacks, compiled especially for you.

    Ditch the skinny..
I am not talking about your favorite latte. I am talking about those jeans. Yes, the very ones your wearing right now. Opt for embracing looser fits. Harem pants, or perhaps bust your boyfriend’s jeans. Think the baggier, the better!

    Avoid the boob sweat
You know what I mean. When your padded bra has inches of sweat. Go for an unruffled bralette, they’re more comfortable and will actually hold up well.

3)    Go structured
While flimsy fabrics appear airy, they’ll stick to your body at the onset of heat. The less fabric touching you, the cooler you’ll be. Try bodice structured blouses for less clinginess. 

4)    Shun the sun in white
All white in summer is the new all black in winter. It not only bounces off the rays it also keeps the heat at bay. Look effortlessly modish and complement the look with light accessories.

5)    Talking of light...
Avoid heavy jewelry and metal trimmings. As the temperatures rise, they’re sure to cause more burns than its worth. Try stud earrings and layering light chains over clothes. Lessen the load with your bag options as well. While the ruck sack sure carries a load, it will leave your back cumbersomely soaked. Try minimalism, carry only what you must in a tote or cross body bag.

6)    Go NATURAL
Hold on there! I mean with your choice of cloth. Ditch the synthetics for natural fibers with more breathability. Think linen, cottons or woven fabrics. Not only won’t they hinder air flow, they also have less of a harmful footprint on mother earth.

7)    Lather on the protection
If maturing gracefully is your thing, lather up now with your choice of SPF or coconut oil for a more organic option. If both those options are no bueno than whip out a wide brimmed hat and a pair of shades for the ultimate cool factor.

Tell us if you try any of our fashion hacks below and share your summer looks on our Instagram page on #Reflektmag.